Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vancouver Memorial

Approx. 100 people come to celebrate Renee's life from as far away as California.
Justin spoke eloquently of how Renee had impacted him. Alayna and Kara did a beautiful recitation of Pepper by Silverstein. Her mom and I did a tribute and read some of Renee's blog.
Jaqui read from her journal about how devastated she was when she found out Renee had died. Randy YWAM director shared about the impact Renee had on YWAM and how her legacy will live on. The impact she had with her writings. Earth Fire Water Wind had a particular impact.
Ashley and Erin sang
Pastor Gord gave a tribute. Renee served where ever she could. Thank you Renee. We will see you in the morning. To lose such a wonderful daughter. The world has watched you parents walk through this ordeal. We have shared this precious gift.
To say I'll be waiting for you. The Video of Justin singing Amazing Grace for Renee is one of the most moving things ever.
I suffer grief - I am angry. We prayed for Renee. We told her we will fight for you. We prayed with her. We quoted Christ before me and encouraged her to hold on to St Patrick's breastplate. Renee hung on to that. God was telling her ''I'm waiting for you." All of heaven was waiting for her. She is saying to us now ''I am waiting for you!"
Wade shared about the joy Renee brought to the church in Vancouver. She loved to dance like one of the best.
Renee touched a lot of lives.
Stay and dance.
St Patrick's Breastplate

Pepper by Shel Silverstein
Always sprinkle pepper in your hair,
Always sprinkle pepper in your hair.
For then if you are kidnapped by a Wild Barbazzoop,
Who sells you to a Ragged Hag
Who wants you for her soup,
She’ll pick you up and sniff you,
And then she’ll sneeze “Achooo,”
And say, “My tot, you’re much too hot,
I fear you’ll never do.”
And with a shout she’ll throw you out,
And you’ll run away from there,
And soon you will be safe at home a-sittin’ in your chair,
If you always, always, always,
Always, always, always, always,
Always, always sprinkle pepper in your hair.

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  1. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Wow! What a service, powerful testimony of someone so young... was able to attend memorial and so glad i did. Thots and prayers go with u in the days ahead...Irene B