Friday, March 07, 2008


We met with friends at Cora's for brunch. We did that yesterday with Cal & Anna at the other Cora's. This evening we went to Henry and Esther for a delicious supper. Booked tickets to Vancouver. Tried to figure out what to do to get license to drive Renee's car to Manitoba. Sure don't like dealing with Death Certificates.
We decided that we are at the anger stage of grief. The next minute we aare back at pain. Then regrets and what-ifs. were we negligent? Sure feels like it. We should have stopped the chemo on Friday and insisted on treatment for Renee's retching stomach. How can she forgive us? We failed her. Oh miserable creatures we are!
Then we think about the messages by Dr Keller. Renee really enjoyed those messages. Job suffered. Powerful messages. I'd recommend them to everyone.

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