Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Am He

These are my notes of the last church service Renee attended with us and Lynne. My PDA refused to send it to the blog. You can order the full message on-line at www.Redeemer.com. These notes do not do justice to Dr Timothy Keller.

John 18: 1-11 - The arrest of Jesus describes:
1. the greatest claim "I am"
2. the greatest problem
3. the greatest Mission

Before Abraham existed "I am"
The divine name God gave to Moses. I just am. That is astounding
Everyone else says here is the way to the truth. Jesus is not telling us how to find God. "I came to find you." No one has ever made that claim.
If Jesus is a lunatic then he deserves no respect.
Jesus said he saw Satan falling from heaven. If Jesus is right he is supreme.
Son of God is a far fetched claim. Bono says Christ does not allow you to call him anything but God.
All other religions say I have the better way. Only Jesus says "I am God"
You cannot just admire him. That has no intellectual integrity.

2. The greatest Problem
Battle hardened troops were knockod flat when Jesus said "I am". That happens all through the Bible when people come into the presence of God
When people come near the presence of God it is real trauma. We get knocked off our feet.
Our identifies are often based on performance. Or accomplishments. If you graduate from an Ivey League school it becomes part of your identity.
We can't even come into the presence of superlative people.
We all need a judgement day to make things right. But who can stand in the presence of God? We would be condemmed by our own standards. Never mind God's.
Solution? In point 3

3. The greatest Mission
200 soldiers came to arrest Jesus and his disciples.
Jesus said - forgive them - take me - let them go free.
The Last of the Mohikans. Duncan says - kill me release Cora.
Substitutionary sacrifice. The cup = justice of God. On Judgement day Jesus said, I will pay so you can stand. The judge of all the earth came to be judged.
You can lose your footing through bitterness. Or you can be assured justice is coming.
Peter denied Christ. Jesus responded with unyielding love. Fall at His feet now and stand on that day.

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